Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Testimonials

Before starting treatments with Dr. Benson, I suffered from stomach ulcers, which required a number of upper endoscopies and months of prescription medications. A few acupuncture treatments and a customized formula of Chinese herbs put together by her were enough to get me back on the road to health. I prefer this natural approach to relieving and preventing both physical and emotional disorders.

I visit Dr. Benson monthly to keep my system in balance and to address any immediate health issues I have. She has treated everything from allergies and sinus headaches to sleeping disorders for me, all in a relaxing office environment. A number of times she has treated me for extreme flu-like symptoms when it was imperative that I be able to function the next day. Each time I have been amazed by the immediate effects and relief her treatments have provided. I have become a firm believer in the benefits of acupuncture and the professionalism that Dr. Benson brings to her practice.

I have been a patient of Dr. Benson’s for more than a year now and when I first saw her the joints in my fingers were so swollen and painful I could not even shake someone’s hand without wincing. I could no longer cut fabric, pick up sewing pins, knit, or play my piano. My fingers had begin to twist and be deformed from my arthritis. Within a few weeks of treatment the pain in my hands was gone. With a few more weeks of treatment the swelling was gone also and there has been to further twisting of my fingers!

My eyes were very painful also. I mentioned the swelling, redness, and dryness to Dr. Benson at one of my visits and within a few days of treatment my eyes also were pain free and the redness and swelling gone. I used to have to use eye drops every few hours for even a little comfort but for the last year I have only used drops if exposed to smoke or some other environmental irritant. I consider myself very lucky to be a patient of Dr. Benson’s.”

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