Natural Pain Relief

Acupuncture & Chinese medicine – A natural way to get relief from pain

Acupuncture is one of the world’s oldest and most effective forms of pain relief. Since Acupuncture was re-introduced into western society in the late 20th century, this versatile form of medicine has gained popularity and respect by many. Many western medicine doctors refer their patients to alternate health care, with acupuncture being the most common.
Acupuncture Provides Long-Term Relief of Low Back Pain

The costs in terms of lost productivity and workers’ compensation for back pain is staggering.

Acupuncture can provide long-lasting benefits to chronic low back pain sufferers, and is a cost effective, natural treatment with side effects such as addiction. Acupuncture has become an accepted treatment for the condition in both the United States and in Europe. Low back pain patients treated with acupuncture reported better pain control than those who got no acupuncture.
Chinese Medicine as Treatment for Back Pain

Acupuncture works to restore harmony and energetic balance to the body which stimulates natural healing and promotes health. Acupuncture is one of the primary modalities used and treatment is individual to each patient.
When your practitioner treats your back pain with acupuncture, both local (at the site of pain) and distal (away from the area of pain) needles can be used to help resolve the problem. Distal points are very important, especially in acute pain. Often, needles can be placed in areas other than the back and you can get excellent and quick relief. There are many local points on the back and often a practitioner will palpate your body to find the most sensitive spots and needle those. Other adjuncts to treatment might include: electric stimulation of points, and cupping. Generally, it is advisable to have frequent treatment initially and taper off as the pain diminishes. Herbs can also be helpful in moving blood and reducing inflammation as well as strengthening a deficient condition.

Acupuncture continues to gain popularity in this country because it is an effective treatment of acute and chronic backache. Acute pain can often be cleared up in a few sessions. More treatments may be needed if there is an underlying deficiency, or reoccurring problem, or sciatica.
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