Diet and Life Style Therapies

Chinese Medicine theories and principles have been incorporated for centuries into Chinese Diet Therapy . Food, being considered as medicine one can take three times a day outside of the doctor’s office , is a powerful tool on the road to better health. When identifying and diagnosing particular imbalances, your physician may advise you of food and food groups to avoid, as well as food and food groups to incorporate into your diet to assist in balancing your body and for overall health maintenance.

Think of the importance of diet with conditions like diabetes, hypertension, gastritis, Celiac disease, coronary heart disease and the list goes on and on. Everyone can benefit from watching their diet and being aware that what we eat can help to maintain internal balance and prevent disease on a daily basis.

Lifestyle therapy often becomes part of a treatment in Chinese Medicine as well. Overuse injury in the body and mind can often be rebalanced with lifestyle changes being a powerful tool to assist in that goal. Think of the importance of vacation time in a work year or the importance of resting a golfer’s elbow for a few weeks.

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